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Security and You

Integrity Bank understands that the security of your personal account information is important to you. We also understand that our continued success as a financial institution relies on both our ability to offer banking services to you in a secure manner as well as your responsibility in keeping your User ID and Password secure. To assist us in offering these Online Banking services in a secure manner, we employ a number of measures, which are described below. These measures allow us to properly authenticate your identity when you access these services and protect your information as it travels between your computer and Integrity Bank. With the proper safety measures in place, your Online Banking transactions remain safe and secure. The following measures have been taken to ensure your privacy, as well as some steps you can take.

Personally Selected Account Names

Integrity Bank will never display more than the last 4 digits of your account number over the Internet. For ease of identification, we ask you to choose a "pseudo" name for each of your accounts. Examples of pseudo names are "Vacation Account", "Operating Account", and "Savings Account". You can change your "pseudo" account name under the "Options" section of Online Banking.

Unique Online Banking ID and Password

In order to access your accounts online you must enter a unique Online Banking ID and password. We strongly recommend that you choose a password that you can remember, and does not use information that can be easily guessed by anyone else. Avoid the use of birthdays, children's names, etc. Do not reveal your Online Banking ID or password to anyone.

Three (3) strikes and you're out!

If anyone attempts to log onto Online Banking, and fails to correctly enter a password three times, we will disable the password on the third incorrect attempt, thus invalidating the Log-In combination. If you accidentally activate this security feature by miskeying a password three times, you would need to call the Bank to re-establish a password for your User ID.

To further protect you, a timeout feature is used. This feature will automatically log you out of Online Banking after 10 minutes of inactivity during a session.

Change Your Password

Integrity Bank recommends that you change your password every 180 days. This step provides additional security should someone guess your current password.

Email Communications

Please remember that unless you have encrypted an email, it is not secure against interception, and it is important to exercise caution when sending emails with personal information.  If your information is very sensitive, or includes personal or confidential information such as your bank account, Debit Card or Social Security number; please either encrypt your message or contact us by telephone.  

We will never request your information via email. If you receive a request for account or personal information that appears to be from us please do not respond. Please contact your local branch and report the request.

Additional Security Measures

In addition to the above safe-guards, we have sophisticated firewalls and an authentication process to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to enter our system. We also have 24/7 network monitoring to further augment our security controls.

How You Can Protect Your Internet Security

While Integrity Bank works to protect your banking privacy, you will also play an important role in protecting your accounts. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your Integrity Bank account information is protected, including but not limited to the following:

  • Do not share your Online Banking User ID and password with others
  • Do not give your information to anyone requesting it over the phone unless you have initiated the call
  • When you enter your Online Banking User ID and password make sure no one is watching
  • Avoid writing down your Online Banking User ID and password
  • Do not use obvious information for your Online Banking User ID or password
  • Always log out of the system
  • Remember, we will never request your information via email. If you receive a request for account or personal information that appears to be from us please do not respond. Please contact your local branch and report the request.
  • If you notice suspicious or unusual activity on your Online Banking accounts, call the bank immediately.

Important Note: While we continue to do everything possible to ensure the security of our system, we are not responsible for any breach of security that is outside of our control.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card?

We realize a lost or stolen card can be a very stressful situation. At Integrity Bank, we make it as painless as possible for our customers. For lost or stolen Visa® debit cards, please call 1-866-546-8273 and a friendly customer representative will assist you right away.